Refrigerator Deodorant Box
Refrigerator Deodorant Box
Refrigerator Deodorant Box
Refrigerator Deodorant Box

Refrigerator Deodorant Box

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Refrigerator Deodorant Box

  •  BAMBOO CHARCOAL ACTIVATED CARBON : You can go on and forget everything you knew about air fresheners so far. Refrigerator Deodorant Box is FRAGRANCE-FREE, absorbs moisture, and unpleasant odors like a sponge. In fact, it's up to 3 times more potent than other bamboo charcoal products!
  • UNPARALLELED AIR PURIFICATION ACTION: With a high 1832 degree activation temperature and unique pore uniformity, our Refrigerator Deodorant Box has supreme absorption properties. What's more, each bag is independently sealed and packaged to maximum effectiveness!
  • INCOMPARABLE VALUE COMBO: Save both time and money and grab this great value Refrigerator Deodorant Box bundle. We have 2pcs and 4pcs combination, definitely meets all your odor absorber and air purifier demands!
  • GREAT FOR RENOVATED HOUSES & NEW CARS: Due to its very strong absorption properties, Refrigerator Deodorant Box has been scientifically proven to reduce the amount of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and chloroform gases emitted from everyday items such as paint, carpeting, furniture, air fresheners, chemical cleaners, rubber, and plastics.


  • Material: Bamboo Charcoal + PP
  • Weight: 75g per box
  • Size: 13*6.7*3 cm
  • Package: 2pcs/ 4pcs.

Package Include:

  • Type1: 2* Refrigerator Deodorant Box
  • Type2: 4* Refrigerator Deodorant Box


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